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SOS – Remote Monitoring specialises in event driven CCTV, Alarm, IoT and other Events triggered by Smart Devices and Smart Phones. We have a purpose built market leading event receiving facility and CCTV Ops Centre. Operating across the African Continent, SOS – Remote Monitoring is a reputable monitoring company giving an innovative edge to the remote off-site monitoring industry.

Where are we located?

Based in Wynberg, Sandton, Johannesburg, SOS – Remote Monitoring provides businesses and homeowners with peace of mind. The CCTV Event based monitoring and Ops Centre is equipped with the latest technology and is manned 24/7 by security professionals dedicated to  vigilance. Discover how SOS provides remote CCTV monitoring and video response by watching our short video:

How Remote CCTV Monitoring Works.

The security services we provide

At SOS (Systematic Online Surveillance, we only ever provide remote monitoring.

We don’t provide any security installation or maintenance services, which means installers can feel reassured that we wouldn’t take any work away from them.  We do however have a large network of Installers who have been accredited by us to provide quality installations inline with remote off-site monitoring services and required specifications.

They’re the installation experts, and we’re the remote monitoring experts.

Remote monitoring services

Today SOS has an impressive client list, including Retail Outlets, Multi Site Monitoring, Warehousing and Logistics, solar farms, residences and businesses. Each client can feel reassured that our SOS professionals will treat their site as if it were their own.

You can find out more about the security services SOS – Remote Monitoring offers here.

Download the SOS – Corporate Profile here.

The future for SOS – Remote Monitoring

It is our Ambition to continue to grow as a leader in the field of remote off-site monitoring with innovative alarm receiving and CCTV monitoring services.  In addition, we continually drive down response times (the time that our operators take to answer alarms as they come in): a critical and vital part of remote monitoring.

You can find out more about SOS – Remote Monitoring Services by clicking on the links below:

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  • Standards

Just some info to find out more about the standards we adhere to and why they are so important to how we run our remote monitoring station.